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High school is hard. Even more so during the height of the Italian Renaissance where you're only as good as your patronage. Follow popular guy Michelangelo, nerdy Leonardo da Vinci, and an emo Raphael through the angst of art school fueled by the lyrics of Queen for a literal Bohemian rhapsody.

Written by Courtney Hopkin. Directed by Sarah Marie Curry with vocal arrangement by Lindsey McGowen and accompaniment by Allen Fisher. Featuring Bryan Curry, Cené Hale, Lindsey McGowen, Peter Rogers, Kim Stacy and Nicholaus Weindel.

Each night will feature opening acts with a bit of a Renaissance twist.


The Institution Theater - 3708 Woodbury Drive, ATX

The Jukebox Musical Project continues its mission to create original Broadway productions around the songbooks of arbitrary popular musical artists. With one brow cocked high and the other cocked low, we merge themes and music that would have no one would ever have thought to throw together: The Black Plague and Smashing Pumpkins, the Salem Witch Trials and Radiohead, and the Soviet space race and Phil Collins. (Video of past shows are available at

Earlier Event: October 14
Later Event: October 16