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Whiteboard is totally dependent on YOU, the AUDIENCE! Before the show begins a BLANK whiteboard will be on stage and it is YOUR job to fill it up. You can draw pictures, write poetry, words, phrases, numbers - anything that inspires you!

Hopefully, the whiteboard inspires the improvisors as well who will launch into an high-energy, fast-paced show using as much of YOUR IMAGINATION as possible, using every part of the buffalo to generate spontaneous scenes, stories and then some.

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The performers April 11th will be: Ariel Greenspoon, Cené Hale, Erica Lies, Jessie Pascarelli, Regina Soto, Nathan Sowell, Wyatt Tall, Megan Venable and Eric Wallenstein.

Earlier Event: April 9
Later Event: April 12
THUNDERDOME: The Final Event