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DORM DAZE: An Improv Clash of Class vs. Crass

Another summer school semester is in session within the gilded hallways of the Institution Institute of Institutional Learning. Once again, two ancient rivals, the Preppies and the Fuck-ups, will battle it out in an Animal House-inspired improv clash of class versus crass!

Bad Font want to keep it clean. As the Resident Advisors, they’ve been working hard to create a welcoming (and theatrical) environment for you, the new wave of incoming freshmen. But will all their hard work be ruined by the rowdy Empty Promises fraternity? They reside a hundred yards away on Greek row, partying down under the sagging eaves of an old Victorian building in their Chicago-style fury.

If it weren't the longstanding and antiquated campus bylaws, Institution Dean Thomas Charles Booker would have had their charter dissolved several semester ago. Perhaps this term is the one where it all goes to pot! Who will reign in this wacky intramural contest?

Will it be the well-groomed traditionalism of Bad Font: Alex Ayala, Alex Hilary, Cené Hale, Jessie Pascarelli, Kristen Kurtis, Megan Venable, Scott Hearne and Theo Daly? They’ve been going strong since September 2013 performing at The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival and every improv theater in town.

Or the bad boys of Empty Promises: Alejandro Garcia, Eli Eidson, Ian Townsend, K.C. Harvey Taylor, Matt Needles, Matthew Stoner and Sanjay Rao? These dudes have been featured at improv festivals in New Orleans and Phoenix and the cast have all or individually trained with members of iO, Upright Citizens Brigade, The Second City & Coldtowne.

So, call your best gal, crack open a brewski (or woski), and settle in for a full year’s worth of comedy crammed into a single semester!