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OUT OF BOUNDS: Thunderdome


"THUNDERDOME is a variety show that was started in Chicago by Carmen Christopher. It’s hard core. Lots of young, sexy, college kids go and laugh their asses off. Some legit up-and-coming rap stars have been known to hang out at that show. Bill Stern kinda knows Carmen Christopher because they both did comedy shows in Chicago. Bill Stern spent 4 months in Austin this winter because Chicago is cold as ice and Austin is cool as hell. Carmen Christopher told Bill Stern he could host an Austin version of THUNDERDOME and call it THUNDERDOME. Standup, Improv, Sketch, Music, Dance, Storytelling – these are a variety of types of performance that can be seen at THUNDERDOME and that’s why it’s called a variety show.

A special OOB THUNDERDOME features talent from all over the country. The theme of the show is: People Bill Stern Kinda Knows."

Earlier Event: September 5
Later Event: September 9