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Hailing from the Republic of Texas (yes Texas is a country!), Cené is a musical improviser and sketch comedy writer who currently works at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam where she focuses on silly feminist and political humor. 

As an actor, Cené's award winning work has been featured on IndieWire, Huffington Post, Above Average, and WhoHAHA. As well as the equally admirable internal training videos for companies like, Viking Cruises, and Publicis Group, that no one outside of those companies will ever see. 

As a voice artist, Cené's has been featured on radio programs, commercials, podcasts and video games. Most recently, she can be heard doing the English dubbing of the lead character, Akhtar Namadzan, in the upcoming Netflix Iran series 'The Rooftops of Tehran'. She hopes the English language classes in Iran that are using this video to learn English know how sorry she is for passing on the Texas accent.

As a writer, Cené's work has been funny enough to get hired and stay hired at Boom Chicago. 



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