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The Great Deception


Did you know that only 1.1% of words spoken in the bible are by women?

It’s ridiculous. So I wrote a show about it.

In “The Great Deception”, I explore stories from the bible that were either missing, manipulated, or just flat out erased, while revisiting my own family story. Equal parts humorous, heartbreaking, and occasionally horrifying. My show brings forth a female perspective on the ‘sacred’ book and questions why and how we have become so addicted to silencing these voices.


  • LOCATION: Podium Mozaiek in Amsterdam - MAP

  • TIME: 16:00 - 16:55 (4:00 - 4:55pm)

  • TICKETS: €12.50 - BUY HERE!

TGD Team

  • Cené Hale - Actress / Writer

  • Raphael Rodan - Director

  • Sacha Hoedemaker - Music Consultant

  • Marie Phillips - Writing Coach

  • Nathalie Hennis - Artistic Photographer

  • Luana Ferreira - Public Relations Advisor

  • Farnoosh Farnia - Funding Coach

  • With thanks to My Mom, Monica and my Grandma, Madlyn for inspiration.