Improv Taster Class

Unsure about improv? I’ll give you a taste! For 2.5hrs on a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon, I’ll give you insight into what Boom Chicago actors do on stage. Feel the thrill of improvisation and get ready to have fun! (July 24th & Aug 7th)


Intro To Long-Form Improv

An introduction to the basic skills of long-form improvisation – actively listening and co-operating with team mates, “yes-and”, the freedom to play and be spontaneous, and an introduction to improvised scene work. (Thursdays Only)



The Armando is a popular American improv form where true stories are deconstructed and used to inspire improvised scenes. Whether you’re brand new to the form, or you’re a old pro, join me for an intensive study of the Armando… Coming Soon!

Let me know on Instagram which class you sign up for!